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A beautiful world filled with love begins with the inner radiance that resides within you and me.......... Let's unleash your unique beauty, the Ultimate Beauty, and craft a captivating scene together.
💕The power of shaping our own lives is just at our fingertips💕


About Us

When Tina S.L. Wong hit rock bottom, she discovered the soothing power of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques). She was astonished by its effectiveness and speed, particularly when compared to conventional therapies. As she delved deeper, she unearthed more potent tools and knowledge that enabled her to heal various aspects of her life, including depression, constant anxieties, inner conflicts, childhood wounds, and health issues.


The undeniable radiance Tina exudes now completely transforms her into an entirely new individual. Equipped with all the tools and insights, she is dedicated to supporting others on their journey towards healing and life transformation. Through her EFT therapies, coaching, online courses, and shared knowledge, you are empowered to regain full control of your own life.

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What is

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), also known as EFT tapping, is a versatile therapeutic technique that involves tapping on specific meridian acupuncture points on the face, upper body, and hands, while simultaneously addressing a particular issue or problem through verbalization or mental focus.


EFT tapping is effective in addressing a wide range of emotional and physical concerns, including stress, anxiety, phobias, trauma, pain management, and performance enhancement. By reducing the emotional intensity associated with these issues, EFT tapping promotes healing and resolution.


While EFT tapping can be facilitated by a trained practitioner or therapist, it is also accessible as a self-help tool. This nerve-calming technique is readily available and can be easily practiced by individuals on their own, at their fingertips, literally.



How EFT works in 4 interacted layers

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In addition to alleviating physical ailments and various health conditions, recent research has indicated that EFT has the potential to inhibit undesirable gene expression, including cancer-related genes. Furthermore, it has been found to facilitate the rewiring of neural connections in the brain.



Research has demonstrated that EFT can effectively assist individuals in overcoming various mental distress and challenges, often requiring significantly fewer sessions (up to 50% - 80% less) compared to conventional therapies. Moreover, the positive outcomes of EFT have been found to be long-lasting.



EFT, a form of energy psychology therapy, facilitates the release of energy blockage and restores the harmonious flow of energy within our body system. This process enhances the effectiveness of our immune system, leading to improved health, happiness, and a radiant inner and outer beauty.



Clearing the inner disruptions through EFT can be likened to removing obstacles along our spiritual path, accelerating our personal growth and granting us a greater sense of spiritual liberation.

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Strength and capability reside within each individual. Whether you are seeking change, feeling stuck, lost, or lacking motivation, life coaching offers a supportive and empowering environment to unleash your inner power and tackle any challenges or changes. Through collaboration between the coach and client, barriers that hinder progress can be identified, addressed, and overcome, reigniting your inner fire across various aspects of your life.


Do you desire empowerment to regain control of your life, foster personal growth, and experience inner transformation?

The tools and guidance provided in our coaching sessions can be exactly what you need.

Transformative Experiences in Coaching Sessions

Meeting yourself

Our self-identifications, especially those deeply rooted in our subconscious, play a significant role in shaping our lives. By exploring our inner selves, we come face to face with our authentic selves. This expanded understanding of who we are and where we stand allows us to recognize our genuine aspirations and navigate a path that harmonizes with our core values and inner purpose. It empowers us to live a life that not only fulfills our deepest dreams but also exceeds our wildest imaginations.


Unconscious limiting beliefs and inner self-protecting mechanisms can pose significant obstacles to achieving our life goals. However, by engaging in self-reflection and questioning these beliefs, we can fostering critical thinking, gain valuable insights and develop creative solutions.


Many individuals underestimate their own power and potential, often unaware of the vast capabilities they possess. By exploring and embracing your true potential, you can lead more meaningful lives, driven by purpose and aligned with your deepest aspirations. This self-discovery journey empowers individuals to effect lasting positive change in their lives and the world around them.


If you're sensing the need for a change in your life, self-transformation might be the answer you're seeking. It enables you to embrace your true self, undergo profound personal growth, pursue your passions, and bring about positive changes in different areas of your life.


Seeking help is important, but there is something truly astonishing about being able to help ourselves. Whether you enjoy tackling life's challenges with additional skills and knowledge, or simply prefer to handle certain areas on your own, this is the place where you can acquire the powerful skills and core knowledge needed to lead a more fulfilling life.

Are you ready to create a more beautiful chapter in your life

through your own learning?


Get  Yourself  Back

Soothe your mind and embrace the power of your own prefrontal cortex!







Transform  yourself


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EFT Practitioner

An Accredited Certified EFT Practitioner with EFT International

A member of EFTi

EFT Therapy / Personal Growth and Healing Coach Session

in English and Cantonese (Mandarin soon)

Tina S.L. Wong


Tina S.L. WONG

EFT Practitioner

An Accredited Certified EFT Practitioner with EFT International

A member of FETi

EFT Therapy / Personal Growth and Healing Coach Session

in English and Cantonese (Mandarin soon)

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