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EFT Basic Tapping Points

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

- A powerful self-help tool 🔧

The most beautiful thing about EFT among all kinds of other therapies is the self help part. We can tap on the basic points a few rounds whenever we feel distressed or uncomfortable, either emotionally or physically. It most likely provides some soothing effect on our discomforts. More information about tapping method in the Simple Tapping (EFT).

[🛑Cautions: If there are some strong feelings shown up during tapping, just keep tapping on the points until you feel better and it normally will. If you have had some traumatic past experience or received any therapies from a psychologist or psychiatrist, seeking for help from a certified EFT practitioner is highly recommended.

📒Want to experience some better tapping results? You can check out the available booking schedule of our certified EFT practitioner.

The location of the points are as followings:

0. SOH - Side Of the Hand point, also called Karate Chop point (KC), normally for the setup statement.

  1. TOH - Top Of the Head point, very top of the head.

  2. EB - EyeBrow point, the beginning of the eyebrow.

  3. SE - Side of the Eye point, on the bone next to the end point of the eye.

  4. UE - Under the Eye point, on the bone right under the eye.

  5. UN - Under the Nose point, between the nose and the upper lip.

  6. Ch - Chin point, between the lower lip and the tip of your chin.

  7. CB - CollarBone point, about 1 inch away from the notch (the middle point) of your collarbone and 1 inch down below.

  8. UA - Under the Arm point, about 4 inches below the armpit.

Twins points

The points EB, SE, UE, CB and UA all have their twins points on the other side of the face or body. Tapping on either side of the points also has its effect. Tapping on both side is also welcome. It depends on how you feel and what you prefer.

When we are tapping on the points, those acupuncture points are stimulated by the vibration and activated their effects on us. For more details of the location of the points, I recommend checking them out from EFT founder, Gary Craig’s website at

All the best everyone❤️‍

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