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EFT Additional Tapping Points

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

- Handy points for tapping in public area ☀️

Even thought, apparently, there are some top athletes and coaches start doing tapping in an open field, it still looks quite awkward when we tap on the basic tapping points in a public area, especially when we need it the most. So, what can we do?

Personally, either in a public place, talking on the phone or having an online meeting, I like tapping or just pressing on my hands and fingers when I need. Normally, people may not even notice it, or just thinking I may need some massage on my hand because of some sore muscle or a tired hand. The most important thing is, it works and I feel much better after it.

[🛑Cautions: If there are some strong feelings shown up during tapping, just keep tapping on the points until you feel better and it normally will. If you have had some traumatic past experience or received any therapies from a psychologist or psychiatrist, seeking for help from a certified EFT practitioner is highly recommended.

📒Want to experience some better tapping results? You can check out the available booking schedule of our certified EFT practitioner.

Additional tapping points are also used by EFT practitioners in some circumstances in order to create a better results during a session. For self help, just tap or press on the points from a1 to a7 in the picture blow, until you feel better. When I am only tapping on my hand, I would like to add the SOH point in the EFT Basic Tapping Points as a normal point to the beginning and keep repeating it together with other additional tapping points. I just feel the tapping rounds are more completed in this way.

Here are the additional tapping points commonly used for EFT:

  1. Wr - Wrist Point, the middle points slightly below the inside of the wrist.

  2. Th - Thumb Point, the side of the thumb furthest away from the index finger, aligning with the baseline of the nail.

  3. IF - Index Finger Point, the side of the index finger closest to the thumb, aligning with the baseline of the nail.

  4. MF - Middle Finger Point, the side of the middle finger closest to the index finger, aligning with the baseline of the nail.

  5. RF - Ring Finger Point, the side of the ring finger closest to the middle finger, aligning with the baseline of the nail.

  6. LF - Little Finger Point, the side of the little finger closest to the ring finger, aligning with the baseline of the nail.

  7. Gamut - Gamut Point, at the back of the hand, the middle of the concavity in between the two bones connecting the ring finger and the little finger.

Once again, all the above additional points have their twins points (mentioned in the EFT Basic Tapping Points) on the other side of the body and they work when we tap on any side of them.

Wish everyone fo you can enjoy this soothing skill at any where, whenever. ❤️‍

EFT Additional Acupuncture Tapping Points, Handy Tapping Points for public area, 情緒釋放技巧治療手部拍按穴位
EFT Additional Tapping Points

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