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Simple Tapping (EFT)

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

Tapping is simple. We can just tune in to the feelings of the emotion or physical discomfort currently bothering us, while keep tapping on the acupuncture points one by one, generally using our index finger together with the middle finger, and keep repeating it until you feel better or when you feel like there is enough tapping at a moment.

[🛑Cautions: If there are some strong feelings shown up during tapping, just keep tapping on the points until you feel better and it normally will. If you have had some traumatic past experience or received any therapies from a psychologist or psychiatrist, seeking for help from a certified EFT practitioner is highly recommended.

📒Want to experience some better tapping results? You can check out the available booking schedule of our certified EFT practitioner.

We do have some more instruction for tapping to maximise the tapping result though:

EFT Tapping Points, EFT Acupuncture Basic Tapping Points, graphic, image

Set Up Statements:

“Even though I …………., I deeply and completely love and accept myself”

💡If you have some resistant at saying the second half of the set up statement, there are some more options for you in the Set Up Statement. Or you can just change it to “Even though I …………., I choose to open for the possibilities to feel better.”

Put whatever in your mind into the blank of the first half of the set up statement, give a number represent how intense of your feelings or how true a particular beliefs is. Rank it from 0 - 10, 0 is not intense nor ture at all, 10 is extremely intense or absolutly true. Then, repeat it 3 times while you are tapping on the SOH (Side of the Hand) point, the point 0 shown in the EFT Basic Tapping Points or the picture below.

Normally the fill in the blank starts with words like am, feel, believe, think, have, etc.

e.g. "Even though I am useless and I got nothing done, I …………

“Even though I feel angry about what he said to me last night, I …………

"Even though I think no one likes me, I …………

Reminder Phases:

After the set up statement is done, start tapping from point 1 to 8 (shown in the EFT Basic Tapping Points or the picture below) with some Reminder Phrases to keep you focus on what you are tapping about.

e.g. “Useless”, “Got nothing done”, etc and keep repeating

“This anger”, “What he said last night”, etc and keep repeating

“This thought”, “No one likes me”, etc and keep repeating

After a round or two, or even a few rounds, as many as you want, check the intensity of feelings or beliefs you tapped about, to see if the tapping is in progress. Either it is or not, just keep tapping until, ideally, the number gets to a zero.

💡In EFT, we would mainly focus on the things bothering us, the discomforts. It is because our goal is to rewire our unwanted connections of our neurones (from the physical or psychological view), or clear the blocked charges in our energy flow system (from other energy view). Just like clean a house, we have to see the dirts in order to clean it up.

Wish everyone owns their emotional free life. ❤️‍

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