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Behind Cravings

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

Recently in a conversion with a friend, she expressed a thought of a particular group of people would have quit their current habit if they do care how their behaviour affects others. As, we mainly focus on the story behind cravings in this post, we would put the “affecting others” criterion aside at this point.

If we see clearly, many people do want to quit their unwanted habits but they just can’t. Sometimes the harder they try, the harder it feels like. But why?

What is actually happening inside us?

Either sugar, a particular kind of food, wine, cigarette or any kinds of sustains we are craving, there is some kinds of feelings connected to a particular sustains that normally soothing us in some ways. The connections are often created in our childhood or a very young age. This is why normally the longer the habits have built, the more dependence our soothing mechanism relays on them.

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For example, a treat of a bag of snack gives you a sense of connections and love because it was what your family would do when you were connecting during some chats and a laugh in the evening after dinner. In this case, you are most likely to grab a bag of snack whenever you feel lonely or missing someone close to you.

Or maybe the numbing feeling from alcohol reminds you the freedom in the college and the supported feeling from a group of close and mind-liked friends you long wanted in your childhood. In this case, alcohol would normally be the thing you will reach whenever you feel like you can’t do what your want or lack of support.

Sometimes maybe it is the act of opening the package gives you a sense of relief, or the shape of the wine glasses gives you a sense of elegance. Every story behind their particular craving is different. It is mainly the past "Fire together, wire together" neurone connections.

What can we do with it?

Therefore, finding the connections in between your feelings and a particular craving sustain and tap (EFT tapping) on them is the key to free ourselves from cravings, from the pre-programming in our mind, which limiting our true free-will choices.

EFT works very well for cravings right fast. Once it is done, we need no will power to stop ourselves from repeating the old habit. Sounds too good? Why don’t you go for a try and allow yourself to have a chance experiencing it in real time? (📒Want to experience some better tapping results? You can check out the available booking schedule of our certified EFT practitioner.)

Wish everyone can life their own life beautifully and effortlessly. ❤️‍

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