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Why Starts With “I”?

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

Why does the EFT set up statement have to start with “I” in either the first half or the second of it? Why shouldn’t we have a setup statement like:

  • ❌“Even though he is the worst people I’ve ever met, I ……”

  • ❌“Even though they are useless, I …….”.

Before I go on, here are some better set up statements for the previous examples:

  • 👌🏻“Even though I think he’s the worse person I’ve ever met, I ……”

  • 👌🏻“Even though I feel so helpless when they created so much trouble, I …….”

The main reason of starting with "I" is because, in EFT, we are focusing on our own neurone connections and energy charges, not other’s.

Why starts with "I"?, EFT Side of the Hand Point, SOH, graphic, image

Some people may think “the problems are not in me, but them / what happened .”. In the psychological points of view, we would focus on our feelings and our reactions toward a particular person or situation in the healing process. Nevertheless, it is how “we” are feeling at the current moment about something happened in the past causes “us” all the discomfort.

The most beautiful thing in the healing is, after the unwanted neurone connections are rewired and the blocked charges in our body is cleared, we are most likely not to be bothered any more by what have happened. If the same situation happens again, we would also most likely be able to pick a wiser reaction, whatever a wiser reaction means to every different one of us.

This is how powerful EFT is. Once we recreated our new neurone connections and cleared our blocked charges, we would less likely to be hijacked by our body system’s survive mode nor activated the autopilot mode generate all of our “auto” reactions.

Furthermore, by focusing on “I”, we can recreate a strong sense of me, and the power and choices we could have, that we couldn’t see in the past. After all, our brain are all being pre-programmed by our past, especially in our childhood, more or less a self-centred creature. So why don’t us just let ourselves enjoy the show as a main character for a moment during our healing process?

For better results? Focusing on the details would help ever more, here are some examples:

  • 👍🏻“Even though I think he’s the worse person I’ve ever met because of what he said, I ……”

  • 👍🏻“Even though I feel so helpless when they sent the wrong information to a very important customer, I ……”

Wish everyone can enjoy being themselves more and more day by day. ❤️‍

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