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“What you think you become.” - Buddha. But Why?

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

- Explore the relationship between our thoughts and our realities in 4-integrated layers

Physical Layer: Our Thoughts and Water Structure

Do you recognise when you are happy, your skin feel softer and you look brighter? The book “Water Knows the Answers”, from Dr Masaru Emoto in Japan, discovered that our feelings and thoughts toward a glass of water can change the structure of their crystals. In short, positive feelings creates large and beautiful water crystal and negative feelings turns water into some unrecognisable shapes. Love and gratitude is the most powerful and neglect is the worst.

The point is, our body contains about 45% - 75% of water, depending on our age. Before our feelings and thoughts change the structure of water outside our body, we can image how their effects impacting the water inside our body first. This is what science has found, up to now, the power of our thoughts and feelings among our own body and the environment.

Psychological Layer: Cognitive Bias

Have you had an experience that once something in your mind, you see it anywhere you go? Like my friend once told me that the day she thought of being pregnant, she saw pregnant women everywhere. This is what psychology calls “Cognitive Bias”. Our subconscious mind is vey good at filtering things before they reach our conscious mind. Otherwise, we would have to process 2 million bits of information every second we receive from our 5 senses. What is in your mind is what allow to get through our filter.

As a result, if we think people are selfish, we would only see people’s selfish acts and ignore people’s kind acts without even realise it. On the other hands, if we believe we are able to master something, we would only see all the tools and skills lead us there and not spending too much time on the failure we experienced. Nevertheless, our subconscious mind is our best friend. Whatever we believe, it would find evidence to support us and hide or ignore the rest from us.

“Whether you think you can or you can’t, you are right” - Henry Ford

Energy Layer: Resonance

If there is a few well-tuned guitars in a room, when you play an A string on one guitar, the other A strings would vibrate at the same time. This is the resonance in physics. An principle of energy. Same vibration of energy activate one another.

Thoughts and feelings are energy within our bodies. The vibration of our thoughts and feelings resonance the same vibration in our environment and/or other people. When we think of happy things and people, the vibration of our happiness can resonance the happiness in a normally sad person, not to mention generally happy people would like to stay with us long because it is the same frequency of their normal vibration. As a result, we become even happier and the happiness last longer when happy people are all around us.

On the other hand, when we think of resentment, the vibration of our hatred can resonance the hatred in a generally kind person and those generally resentful people would always like to be next to us. It ends up making us even more miserable and resentment would last longer as all the same kind of people are kept surrounding us.

In short, when we think of positive, we create positive people and environment, which keep powering us up positively and vice versa. Sometimes, we do have more choices than we think.

Spiritual Layer:

Have you ever felt you were taller then most of the people when you felt confidence? No matter the actual number of your height among other was. Have you ever experienced that once you shifted your perspective, your new thoughts or beliefs were instantly manifesting themselves everywhere?

This is the amazing power of our thoughts and beliefs in spiritual layer. The main language communicating with the Universe, or whatever names you prefer to use, is the feeling of love or excitement toward a thought or an image you create for yourself.


Yes, our thoughts and beliefs are very important. Hope that this post would not trigger or create more fear of negative thoughts for you. In fact, I love using the word “discomfort” rather then “negative” to describe about our feelings and thoughts in all the EFT posts mainly, though. The word "discomfort" is the preference of my mentor, Falguni Mather. With this little adjustment of wording, we can minimise the chance of creating even more resistance of our current feelings or state.

If you do have any fear or resistance about your negative thoughts, you can tap with them. You can also tap about your negative thoughts one by one, so that you can free up more mental energy to create more positive thoughts and beliefs in order to create a better life, your ever dream life.

📒Want to experience some better tapping results? You can check out the available booking schedule of our certified EFT practitioner.

Wish everyone can create and live a dream their always dream of. ❤️‍

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