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Simplest EFT

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What makes Emotion Freedom Techniques (EFT) stand out from other self-help skills and techniques? What makes it so powerful? EFT stands out from other self-help skills and techniques due to its effectiveness, versatility, and ease of learning and use. By stimulating acupressure points with fingers, it reverses undecidable neural pathways and rewires neurons for good, physically. This short online program is specifically designed for beginners and provides a comprehensive exploration of the key EFT acupressure points, tapping methods, and essential considerations for resolving distress just by tapping and focusing. Even by learning and practicing EFT the simplest way, individuals can also manage emotion and resolve distress at any time and in any location, leading to a greater sense of emotional freedom and well-being. The program includes: - Locations of 2 sets of EFT Points: You will learn the specific locations of two sets of EFT points on the body, the basic set of points and the advanced points. - 2 Ways of Using the Points: You will discover two different methods of utilizing the EFT points for emotional freedom, the normal way and the discreet way. - The Keys of EFT: This program will provide you with some fundamental principles and techniques that are essential for easy EFT practice. - A Real Case Example: You will see a personal example that illustrates the practical application of what you have learned in this program. EFT is not just a powerful therapeutic tool, it also empowers us to navigate daily life with greater ease by providing us with the ability to manage our emotional state at any moment. Interested in easily and effectively becoming a better version of yourself? Let's start with our emotions.

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