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This World is Truly Astonishingly Amazing

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

After keep listening to Rhonda Byrne’s positive frequency teachings and practicing it intensely for a month, the experience is truly stunning. Limiting beliefs shows up one by one as wished. Awareness is strengthen as my low vibration is being recognised right away more often. Positive vibration is able to be recreated in shorter time.

The joy and gratitude from the tiny little thing in my life are kept increasing, which creates even more motivation for doing it even more. The ongoing positive vibration attracts even more positive things and events in my life, a cycle to where I want to go.

Thank you so much for all the knowledge I could reach and all the skills and tools I have learnt. Thank you so much for all the happy tears I am having every day. Finally I could be proud of my tears, truly own myself as a cryer. Thank you.

Facing our negative feeling or recognise our limiting beliefs is definitely not easy at the beginning. That is why no matter how many new skills and ideas I have learnt, EFT is still a very useful tool for beginner on their spiritual journey, left alone at any downs of our life journey.

I am no difference from others and everyone is just the same. With the right tools and skills, everyone can create whatever they want in life. Want to find our more about EFT? Or even experience some better tapping results? 📒You can check out the available booking schedule of our certified EFT practitioner. Any questions? Send us an email or chat with us on WhatsApp.

Wish everyone can truly enjoy the every moment of their lives fully, a life with lots of love. ❤️‍

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