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My Energy Work Journey

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

If I’m honest, I’m still fear of expressing myself fully, under all kind of cultural notions and my old program, the old belief system in my mind, but I choose to give it a try anyway.

In these few years of personal development, I experienced what "You don't know what you don't know" truly means, especially for the past 1.5 years of EFT tapping together with other energy works. Even though my spiritual path may never end, looking back, I do feel like I'm a completely different person from inside out. (Sometimes I do miss my pure youth at my 20s though, ha~)

If you asked me about my childhood years ago, I would simply tell you that I had no childhood. Now, I'm so pleased that I can see some beautiful pictures here and there in my childhood, and even able to recreate my ideal childhood in the subconscious level, completely with my delighted creations. ( Will share more about it in the future.)

Without all those childhood wounds and blocked charges, it's much easier to truly become my own self, the real me, the happiest girl (or lady) I long wanted to be. It's much easier to get rid of my hurts and pains, fears and angers with EFT than only with pure rational thinking and will power, those I wasn't bad at all indeed.

It's really hard to explain with words that how grateful I am to be able to know and understand all those energy works. Those I learned during the isolation in the pandemic, especially EFT, as my self-help healing tools. They literally sets me free, free from my limiting beliefs and my automatic defence mechanisms.

EFT, among the others, is truly a powerful precious tool, both for therapies and for self help. It is easy to use and understand in a daily bases. Really can't wait to see how this technique can change the world and all people in need.

Thank you so much Universe (whatever you call it). I know I'm truly ready for it by now, although I'm still not flawless and I know I don't need to. Thank you very much for your guidance along the way and love you no matter what. ❤️‍

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