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“Let it be”, the inner paradise 🏝

It is fascinating that before I was writing this post, a software in my computer was not working properly. Frustration showed up. Thoughts like “You are still not qualified to share this kind of topic, or you would only be a fraud” or even “Who do you think you are?” popped up. I couldn’t say I handled my frustration perfectly and immediately this time, but does it really matter?

Resistance rushed up right away when I tried to start my appreciation for the awareness of my frustration. “Let it be” state was not close to what I was feeling. I felt and observed my resistance and frustration anyway. That’s a very useful technique for handling with our emotions, we just focus on what is in front of us at the present moment. Like my example, resistance was in the way of dealing with my frustration? Deal with the resistance first, instead. Both emotions were flashing up in turns? Focus on the emotion appears at every current moment. Emotion changes, focus changes by following the current feeling an sensation.

After all, it seems like this little incident was a prefect example for me to share about this topic. I still find it amazed that every single thing and event truly happens at the prefect time, not a minute earlier, nor a minute later. We just need to have the eyes to see it, the eyes from our heart.

Things happening in this world would never be exactly the same as what we expect or desire. Therefore, dropping our expected is a directed way to stay in the “Let it be”. I understand that lots of fears are in the way of letting go of our expectations, based on the pre-programs in our minds created by the human societies. Having a faith of experiencing it, obstacles would be out of our ways naturally.

In order to be in the “Let it be” state more frequently, the fears I have dealt with or am still dealing with are:

Fear of death

Fear of helplessness

Fear of loneliness

Fear of not being accepted

As I am not a fan of long post, hopefully I will share more about how I untangled all those fears listed above in details to those who are interested soon. Have a brilliant weekend everyone. ❤️

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