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Disturbing Feelings, I see you ❤️

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

It was very interesting that after I shared my last post, I almost fell for a scam that same day. Even though, rationally, I knew I was safe that I didn’t gave them too much personal information, terrified feeling kept rushing through me. Thoughts like “What if they can still access something of mine with such limited information?”, “What if they have already got some important documents of mine from somewhere else?”, etc.

Somehow I forgot how to deal with my fear effectively after a week of loving atmosphere I created to myself. I did it the earlier way, observe it calmly. It was still a very good experience when I feel my fear from a calm observer and the feeling does get less intense gradually when I don’t suppress it and just let it be.

But the most effective way to me is gratitude. I usually do both at the same time, observe and saying thanks. It releases our disturbing feeling by observe it and fill myself with love by saying thank you sincerely. Saying thank you for the awareness of the thoughts and fear passing through me at that moment. Saying thank you for all the knowledge and skills for disturbing feelings that I received. Saying thank you for the caring of the Universe since I was born. I’m not sure if it works the same to others in this way, but to me, the vibration of love does speed up the shift of my brain frequency when it grounds me at the perspective of a loving observer completely.

I do still tap on myself when I can’t focus on my own at some moments or the feeling is too intense, but such practices I mentioned do have a powerful effect on me when I practice them more. It is the true feeling of freedom to me, when I can choose my emotion status more frequently in more circumstances.

Hope this sharing may help some of you. And wish everyone of you can grasp your own true freedom at any single moment in your life. Lots of love ❤️

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