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Behind an Incident

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

There was an irritated experience of yesterday. Hearing the sounds of dogs abuse from nearby balcony but nothing I could do except asking them to stop and reporting to the property management, as I got no solid evidence.

My hands were literally shaking when the lady kept shouting out and swearing with all kind of offensive words at me from her balcony. Instantly I knew I got some more work to do with my unresolved childhood charges.

That’s why after using EFT, I was able to truly realise any incident is a gift, pointing me to the direction I better work on. Other than the childhood fears, the resistance of an undesirable part of the world is also what I recognised and better work on it.

But why? Is resistance of some unwanted thing a problem? From the energy perspective, resistance is a form of closing up. Therefore, it’s much easier to create some more blocked charges inside our body, not to mention it’s mostly a reflection of our existing blocked charges too. (I understand that to some people, resistance is a source of motivation. I will share some more about this topic in the future.)

In addition, resistance normally creates anger and hatred, let alone fears. These kind of emotions would never create peace, not to mention it would most likely create more of the same kinds.

As an EFT practitioner, we all understand only love and care can help someone to feel safe and open up to begin their healing journey. This is very important because most behaviour problems are caused by past unresolved charges, if not all. My neighbour, that dogs abuser, is probably not an exception.

There are not only hints and gifts hiding behind incidents in life, there is also a reminder of our continuous works. This is because I believe, the more people starting understand themselves and their healing journeys, the quicker the world can be turned into true peace day by day. ❤️‍

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