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Another Milestone

- Another milestone of my inner work journey.

From Love and Surrender

It’s really hard to emphasise enough how important and powerful it is to love any single moment of our life no matter what is happening and what we are feeling. I know it sounds ridiculous for the default pre-program in our mind, but this is what I experiencing after I practicing love toward anything and everything. It was not a piece of cake at the beginning, starts with finding the good side, or beneficial side of every event and everything does build up the motivation from satisfaction.

Surrender is another key. Without resistance, life is completely different. The moment we surrender, the moment we stop resisting anything, the moment we kindly look at what is actually happening inside us, it is the moment of blessing and beauty. It is the moment of peace. The soft and light feeling, nothing to worry about, nothing to fight about, nothing is needed to be changed.

Tears is still coming out, but it is not from sadness or helplessness. It is from gratitude, it is from love.

To My Another Milestone

I have had a few sudden milestone realisation in my life after starting with my inner work. Last Saturday was another one. It was the first time of my life that I didn’t feel lonely and sad after a gathering with friends. No feeling of “an outsider” during the time my friends and I spending together. No more self revision and criticism of all the things I have said and done for the whole event after. And able to let go of any worries of upsetting anyone with any subtle act or words. What is left, is only peace and enjoyment.

What made it possible is a belief. A belief that no matter what happens, deep inside, I know it is all for our own good, for our better path in life. I know we have always been taking care of. This is also the belief fuels us to be able to surrender without fears.

I may still not be able to keep this beautiful perspective every second in my every day life, but a shift here and there is already having a profound effect in my daily life. Also, I can tell that the more I practice, the easier it is, the more frequent it happens. Being patient and let my life unfolds itself in its own pace is also one of my lessons. Thank you so much all of my lovely friends, and the warm caring message from my angel cousin this morning. Love you all so much from deep inside.

Wish everyone can find their peace and love from within in every single moment. Love for all.❤️‍

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