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Basic Simple EFT

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What are the difference between Simplest EFT and Standard EFT? What makes Standard EFT mainly used in EFT therapy sessions? And what key skills and knowledge we incorporate from the Standard EFT to our program to keep it simple but a bit more effective? Standard EFT, which was created by Gary Gray in the 1990s, is commonly used in EFT therapy sessions. EFT practitioners follow a structured approach that includes measurement and specific focusing techniques to gain a clearer understanding of what is happening beneath the surface and track the progress of the sessions. This approach aims to not only resolve the current distress (the symptoms) but also address the root cause that is contributing to those symptoms and provide long-term healing. In the previous program "Simplest EFT," we focused on using EFT for managing emotions and resolving distress without delving into complex steps or unfamiliar concepts. In this online program, we will introduce some basics of Standard EFT, which typically occur in an EFT session, as well as some fundamental skills and concepts to assess the powerful effectiveness of EFT and its ability to heal deeper, while keeping EFT as simple as it can. The program includes: - Explore Setup Statements and Reminder Phrases - Understanding the connection between triggers and distress - Using the SUDS (Subjective Unit of Distress Scale) measurement method to track progress

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